MASSA Profile


Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism (MSSA) is an organization that provides resources for helping people with autism spectrum disorder and their families, institutions and NGOs that work in this area, provides scientific research, educational and professional support in the inclusive society in which persons with autism spectrum disorders and their families have a quality life.

The MSSA, based in Skopje, is a society of citizens – special educators, psychiatrists, medical doctors, immunologists, allergologists, and other professional and scientific disciplines. It was established to accomplish and coordinate their interests and to perform activities and actions aimed at improving investigation and treatment of those with autism in the FYR of Macedonia.

The MSSA’s special aims and objectives are:

  • to promote cooperation with and support for the parents and families of children with autism
  • to provide support, guidance and coordination for governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with autism
  • to develop effective treatment approaches for people with autism
  • to support the effective rehabilitation of people with autism and their families
  • to undertake research within this field.

The MSSA has significant experience and expertise in organising activities and in working in conjunction with both academic partners and families in the FYR of Macedonia and beyond. Its membership includes FYR of Macedonia’s leading academics and practitioners in the field of disability and autism. As such it was the natural partner in this country.