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WORKSTREAM ACTIVITY: parent training

Target Autism Training and Consultancy Ltd. based in Northamptonshire, UK which provides consultation and training to support children and young people with any social communication difficulty or an Autism Spectrum Condition, and staff working with them. Services include:

  • Bespoke training for educational settings, adult services and residential care
  • Advice Surgeries
  • Observations of Undiagnosed Children
  • Assisting Paediatricians and Psychologists with ADOS assessments

Target Autism is a young organisation, established in 2012. Training can be tailor-made to each particular setting with an emphasis on practical ideas that can be implemented by all staff. Training topics include:

  • ASD Awareness including “The Autism Experience”
  • Understanding ASD and Anxiety
  • Understanding and Managing ASD and Challenging Behaviour
  • Using visual supports and structured teaching methods
  • Developing Social Interaction and Understanding
  • ASD, Relationships and Sexuality
  • Implementing Social Thinking Approaches
  • Developing Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Writing and using Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations
  • Reasonable Adjustments and the ASD Pupil
  • ASD Pupils and Transitions
  • Autism Friendly Environments

The organisation will take the lead role in the development of the parent education development workstream, as it has significant experience in developing and providing such programmes. It will work with partners in Croatia, Cyprus and the Republic of Macedonia to develop and deliver the parent education programmes.