WORKSTREAM ACTIVITY: Programme (delivery)

The Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences is an institution of higher education of the University of Zagreb. It is one of 33 units (Faculties or Academies) of the University of Zagreb, oldest university in Croatia, established in 1699. The Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences is the central and unique higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia providing education for professionals who will work with persons with disabilities. In 2012. the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The studies at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences are organized in three study programmes:

  1. Speech and Language Pathology (undergraduate and graduate level)
  2. Social Pedagogy (undergraduate and graduate level)
  3. Rehabilitation (undergraduate level); Educational Rehabilitation (graduate level)

Study program Rehabilitation / Educational Rehabilitation

  • program is directed to inclusive education and rehabilitation based on contemporary approach to disability in the context of human rights, and development of understanding disability as a consequence of interaction of impairment and influence of social context.
  • students acquire competencies in differential diagnostics, special education, rehabilitation and scientific research with children youth and adults with different disorders/disabilities and their families, peers and teachers.
  • it covers all age groups, from children and youth to adults with: motor coordination disorders and chronic illnesses, persons with visual perception disorders, intellectual disabilities, learning difficulties, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autistic spectrum disorders and multiple difficulties.

Centre for Rehabilitation – clinical unit and teaching base of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. The activities in the Centre started in the year 1997, with the goal of supporting children with developmental difficulties and their families. Since that time the Centre has become a teaching as well as a training base for students of the Faculty.

Along with the Centre’s teaching activities the Centre provides numerous clinical services. The Centre delivers professional support to the clients of all age groups (from small children to the elderly) with various developmental difficulties and impairments. During the period of 15 years the Centre has worked with over 6000 clients, and over the last several years there has been an increase in the number of the youngest clients (0-6 years). Various research and professional projects are continuously conducted. The Rehabilitation Centre’s professional support is primarily delivered by the teaching staff of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and their associates.