• Anisa Trpcevska I am mother of a child with ASD and hyperactivity

    “I just attended my first training in the framework of the ESIPP project but, hopefully, this will not be the last!”

  • Ivana Sladić Kljajić I am a Psychologist

    “The atmosphere at ESIPP trainings was both relaxed and professional at the same time, which enabled lots of opportunities to learn and share experiences”

  • Envira Vidović and Lidija Duilo Both of us are mothers of nine-year-old sons with autism

    “Behind the project there are trustworthy professionals who talk about autism and have a lot of experience with the whole spectrum as well as with the specific behaviour”

  • Stalo Gerolemou I am a Special Education Teacher and Speech Therapist

    “Being able to learn with individuals from different cultural backgrounds as well as my own cultural background is an experience and a tool that cannot be replaced”

  • Filip Jurtoski I am graduated in Special Education and Rehabilitation

    “My experience as an ESIPP shadow trainer has helped me tremendously in upgrading my knowledge about autism and also has helped me to realise the necessity for parent training and education”