“We learned more things in two days than we did in five years”

Around 20 parents attended the fourth and fifth parent education training sessions delivered in Cyprus as part of the Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting project (ESIPP) to learn more about how to understand their autistic children and how to effectively manage their behaviour. Co-organised by MAZI, a non-profit organisation, the sessions took place for the first time in Nicosia on September 23 and October 7.

Trainers Stalo Gerolemou, Ermioni Hadjidemetri, Louiza Loizou and Nefi Charalambous Darden from the Centre of Development and Support for Children and Teenagers – AASP (Autism Assessment Support Practice), delivered the Parent Education Programme, entitled Positive Approaches to Autism, consisting of six modules. These sessions aimed at encouraging the use of positive strategies based around the following topics: an introduction to autism spectrum conditions, behaviour, the use of visual structure, sensory issues, communication challenges and the building of social skills.

The training sessions were full of anecdotes and practical ideas, to which the parents showed a lot of interest. Both AASP and the MAZI Organisation received positive feedback for the sessions. Feedback not only referred to the amount of information delivered but also the way that it was presented, facilitating a good understanding between parents and trainers.

“All three of you were excellent! Thank you so much for a great presentation! It’s nice to know that we have professionals like you in Cyprus. Thank you once again. Really looking forward to seeing you on the 7th I.I.Ch. Mother

“Really amazing presentation with so many positive comments from all of the parents participating” A.Ch. Mother

“We learned more things in two days than we did in 5 years. We take our son to so many therapies and nobody has told us so many details and ideas than you girls did. Thank you so much for this training” M.T. Father

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