Parents share their experience during the second parent training delivered in Skopje


Some of the participants of the parent training delivered in Skopje in September-October 2016. 

From the 29 September to the 3 October, ESIPP partners delivered the second part of the ESIPP training for a group of 20 parents of children with autism in the special school “D-r Zlatan Sremec” in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia. The first part of the training took place in March 2016 with the participation of the same group of parents.

ESIPP trainers Ron Fortuna and Angela Capper from Target Autism traveled from the UK to deliver this training together with home trainers Jasmina Troshanska, Anna Shikaleska, Philip Jurtoski, Biljana Kujundzikj Nastevska and Miodrag Vujovikj.

The first day was devoted to sharing parents’ experiences and questions about the last training sessions. On the second day the workshop “Make and take” was held to help those parents that felt the need for some more practical advice from trainers. The weekend was dedicated to sessions about sensory issues, communication and social skills. On the last day, parents had the chance to be part of another practical “Make and Take”session related to those delivered during the weekend.

ESIPP partners foresee a minimum of 18 courses which will be run during the lifetime of the project – 6 courses each in Croatia, Cyprus and the FYR of Macedonia. Together with this session in Skopje, two other sessions will be also delivered to groups of 20 participants per session. In Cyprus, on 15-16 October, ESIPP coordinator David Preece travelling from UK and  Ana Ruzic and Sanja Blazevic from Croatia will support local educators. In Zagreb, Croatia, on November 12-13,  Nefi Charalambous-Darden and Angela Winstanley travelling from Cyrpus will coach Croatian special need teachers.

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