The Advisory Group acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the project, contributing suggestions with regard to the content and delivery of the parent education programme and the project as a whole. Advisory group countries on the map in light green emphasise trans-European nature of project with regards to our project partner counties (dark green).

Monique Post

A self-advocate on the autism spectrum from the Netherlands.

Friedrich Nolte

An autism specialist with many years experience who works for Autismus Deutschland, Germany.

Claude Schmit

President of Fondation Autisme Luxembourg, and parent of an adult on the autism spectrum.

Philip Whitaker

A specialist educational psychologist from the United Kingdom, with many years’ experience of working with children with autism and their families.

Dr Martine Delfos

A specialist from Utrecht who has advised regarding autism in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ecuador.

About the partnership

There are nine partners in the strategic partnership, from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus and the FYR of Macedonia.