Project partners have developed a training programme, presented within a series of six modules, that seeks to:

  • support parents to develop an understanding of the nature, presentation and experience of autism
  • nurture parents to develop a range of strategies that can be implemented to help address some of the many needs these children and their families face.

The content of each module presents the latest best practice as recognised by autism practitioners and experts in the field, as well as including the perspectives and individual accounts of individuals on the autism spectrum themselves.

It is hoped that participation in the modules will develop parental confidence, assisting them in making and implementing self-help strategies that will go some way toward easing the great demands that caring for children with autism requires.

Each module is designed to increase parents’ knowledge, building upon the information learned in previous modules and extending it further. The content of the modules promotes the use of positive strategies and is based around the following topics: an introduction to autism spectrum conditions, behaviour, the use of visual structure, sensory issues, communication challenges and the building of social skills. In addition, three non-core modules were added to meet requests for information on puberty issues, and on sleeping and eating issues.

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