Jasmina Frey ŠkrinjarProfessor


Jasmina Frey Škrinjar, PhD is a fufl professor on the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences.

She has worked throughout her career in the field of disability. From 1977-80 she worked at the Center for Rehabilitation, in the special rehabilitation program for preschool children with intellectual disabilities and autism. Her areas of her research and professional interests are persons with severe intellectual disabilities, mental health and behavioural disorders, and over the last 20 years, persons on the autism spectrum disorders.

Jasmina is the head of the Department for Autism Spectrum Disorders in the clinical unit of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. An important part of her professional engagement cooperation in the form of training and counseling work with professionals in kindergartens and schools in which children with autism are included. She is also active member of professional and NGOs.

Jasmina has participated in numerous professional projects, and has worked as a researcher in 16 research projects (3 of which were international projects). She was a main researcher in two research projects, teaches in the field of autism within Bachelors and Masters programmes and has many publications relating to the practical support of people with autism.