Jasmina StosicPostgraduate Researcher and Assisstant Teacher


Jasmina Stosic, PhD is a postgraduate researcher and assisstant teacher on the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (FERS), University of Zagreb. She teaches graduate and postgraduate courses on the assessment and intervention for persons with ASD and their families. She also works in the Department for autism spectrum disorders within the Center for Rehabilitation, the clinical unit of the FERS, University of Zagreb. Her clinical work is focused on providing assessment and support for children with ASD and their families. She has published several research articles and book chapters in Croatian.

Jasmina has participated in several Croatian research projects that have been focused on evaluating intervention for children with ASD, developing and evaluating ICT tools for teching children with disabilities, analysing spontaneous communication of children with ASD, analysing developmental profiles of children with ASD and using robots in the diagnostic assessment. Along with participating in ESIPP, she currently participates in two Croatian research projects.