Julia HardcastleManaging Director of Autism Concern


Julia Hardcastle, Managing Director of Autism Concern holds a BA (Hons) in Classics from Leeds University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies.

Prior to the birth of her children she enjoyed a career in bookselling and management. In 1995 both of her children were diagnosed with autism which led her to the local county charity Autism Concern (formerly the Northamptonshire Society for Autism) for support. Julia was a volunteer for the charity for two years and thereafter was appointed to undertake various roles in finance, children’s services and family support. She has been the Managing Director of the charity since 2013.

In addition Julia is the chair of the Terry Arnold Memorial Trust, a former chair of the parent led “Spectrum” group and in her professional role represents the autism community on the local authority strategic boards in the fields of autism, learning disability, children’s and adolescent mental health and special educational needs.