Sanja Aguila-MuñozSpecial Education Needs Teacher


Sanja Aguila-Muñoz is a special education needs teacher. She works in Center for Autism for 6 years. She has been working for 6 years in the school program for students with ASD, and now she works with preschool children with ASD. Her work is based on ABA and TEACCH principles. Except the teaching she advices parents how to deal with challenging behaviours, daily living skills, communication and socialization.

She is a member of Mobile Expert Team whose activities are based on advising teachers and expert assistance in regular schools who are working with students with ASD. She also finished an education about Applied Behaviour Analysis (1 year) in the organisation of Center for lifelong learning of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Scineces, University of Zagreb. PECS (Basic), Sensory Integration (1 year) and ADOS 2. She was a member of the project ‘’Evaluation of Specific Teaching Programs for Children with Autism; Center for Lifelong Learning, Zagreb.’’