ESIPP bids farewell to Autism Concern

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell from the ESIPP project to our UK partner Autism Concern.

The organisation’s membership recently voted that Autism Concern would merge with Autism East Midlands, another UK autism charity.  As a result of this decision, Autism Concern’s involvement in the ESIPP project ceased at the end of November.

Everyone involved in the ESIPP project thanks Autism Concern – and particularly Julia Hardcastle, its Managing Director – for their commitment and contribution to the project. As well as organising our highly successful UK conference, the organisation had input into all aspects of the development of the ESIPP project curriculum and materials.

Moreover, Julia’s presentations at the Zagreb and Skopje conference, and her conversations with parents and family members in the partner countries, have been of great importance to new and developing parent organisations.

Thanks Autism Concern! – and all good wishes to you all in the future.

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