ESIPP event becomes top news story in the FYR of Macedonia

The third ESIPP multiplier event “Helping parents to support their children with autism” held in Skopje has not gone unnoticed by the media in the FYR of Macedonia. From October 30 to November 2, more than 20 different media outlets covered the event featuring the role of the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism (MSSA) and the relevance of the ESIPP project in the education of parents of children with autism within the country and abroad (Croatia and Cyprus).

Different radio, television, online and offline newspapers, and other specialised media, highlighted the importance of the numerous activities held in the framework of the project in the FYR of Macedonia since 2015. Through this project, MSSA is raising public awareness on autism and parental education and training young professionals, especially defectologists, psychologists, pedagogues and departmental teachers, achieving sustainable development and institutional financial support.

With more than 150 participants (including parents, professionals, students, policy-makers, journalists and other stakeholders) the event, held in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle in Skopje was echoed, among others, by the following well-known media outlets:


Kanal 5 TV

TV Telma

MRT Online News

Alfa TV



Radio MOF

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