ESIPP holds its last meeting at the University of Zagreb

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The ESIPP project held its last transnational meeting between the 3 and 6 July 2018, gathering 14 partners from 5 different countries at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) to exchange the latest updates about the project and prepare the last outputs before the end of the project lifespan.

Since the beginning of the project in September 2015, 335 parents have been participated in ESIPP training in 18 different cities by attending 25 core sessions (89 from the FYR of Macedonia, 132 from Cyprus and 114 from Croatia). Besides, 115 parents have been attending non-core sessions and 18 local trainers have been trained.

Partners also discussed the last steps of the project, including evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative data collected throughout the project’s lifespan, external updates by the Advisory Group and the External auditor, financial and impact reports or the sustainability of the project.

A Dissemination Focus Group was also organized to discuss some of the key success factors. Cristina Fernández Álvarez de Eulate from Autism-Europe presented an overview of the dissemination actions undertaken over the last three years and featured some figures which demonstrate the success of the project in this field:

  • 1 dissemination strategy
  • +2K stakeholders involved
  • +50 children with autism involved in art competitions
  • +8K website users from 111 countries
  • +750 subscribers to the quarterly newsletter
  • +700 followers on ESIPP social media channels
  • +1K official pictures taken
  • +100 appearances on media from, at least, 8 countries
  • 35 project presentations at external events in Europe and beyond
  • 153 pages reporting the dissemination of the project

This meeting was kindly hosted by the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (ERF) and partners were welcomed by Sandra Bradarić-Jončić, Vice Dean for Science and International Cooperation Professor. The ESIPP partners have held nine transnational meetings and four one-day conferences over its three-year lifespan.

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