“Autumn tree” wins the ESIPP logo competition and becomes the image representing the project


Autumn tree‘, an artwork created by Elena Delova, an 15-year-old autistic student of the special school “Dr. Zlatan Sremec” in Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), is the winning image of the logo competition organised in November 2015 by ESIPP partners to provide the project with a visual identity. Thanks to three small-scale competitions, children on the autism spectrum from Cyprus, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia sent more than 50 proposals to create a logo for the project.

In addition, each country chose two local winners, which received a framed copy of their work and will be invited to meet the project team at a transnational meeting in their country. The overall winner won an electronic tablet. What’s more, all the artworks will be part of an online gallery on the projects’ website.

ESIPP partners agreed to name the ‘Autumn tree‘ as the winning image, not only for its symbolism (the tree is a symbol of education, the trunk is the project that binds stakeholders together, the branches symbolise a family in the context of parent training and relationships with children, and the leaves represents the different countries) but also because it is visually appealing and memorable.

  • "We asked only that it be the child’s own drawing. We gave them freedom in choosing materials and techniques so we received computer arts, collages, painings and stamps. They sent us images of fruits, animals, people, trees, planets, birds, flags and lines in all directions"

    Jasmina Troshanska
    Jasmina Troshanska The winner’s teacher and project’s partner from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • "Some things are difficult to say, but now is the moment to mention something from the soul, something that took me a long time to accept. I have a child with special needs. Elena is a child with autism. Today she was successful in the field of her possibilities. I am a very, very happy and satisfied mother"

    Elena’s Mother
    Elena’s Mother on Facebook after learning that her daughter had won the competition
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