ESIPP Advisory Group provides an external perspective on the project in Brussels 



From left to right: Martine Delfos, David Preece (Univeristy of Northampton), Claude Schmit, Philip Whitaker, Aurélie Baranger (Autism-Europe), Monique Post and Paul Bramble (Univeristy of Northampton)

From March 2016, the ESIPP project counts on the support of an Advisory Group of six people with varied expertise, profiles and countries of origin. They support the project by providing external scrutiny and comment regarding its development and implementation. The group consists of one self-advocate (Monique Post, from the Netherlands), three autism specialists (Martine Delfos, the Netherlands; Friedrich Nolte, Germany and Philip Whitaker, UK) and the President of a parent organisation (Claude Schmit, Luxembourg).

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