ESIPP held an art exhibition in parallel with its second Transnational Meeting in Cyprus

TPM 01

ESIPP partners at the entrance of the European University Cyprus, meeting’s hoster.

As result of the logo competition organised by ESIPP partners to provide the project with a visual identity, an art exhibition was held on January 22, 2016 in Nicosia (Cyprus) and hosted by the European University of Cyprus (EUC). Featuring work from all three countries, and the Cyprus prize winners received their prizes. Prizes were given by Prof Kostas Gouliamos, the Rector of EUC. Also attending the meeting were representatives of the university, local press, autism organisations, parents and children.

This exhibition was run in parallel with the second Transnational Meeting of the project. Topics like dissemination strategy, parent training development and delivery or the recruiting of an external auditor and volunteers for creating an Advisory Group will be discussed as well.  The next meeting will take place in Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) in June 15/16.

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