ESIPP partner Centar za Autizam celebrates World Autism Awareness Day in Zagreb


Participants of the activities organised in Zagreb by CZA during the World Autism Awareness Day. Here, they are holding the banner of the ‘Respect, Acceptance, Inclusion’ campaign run by ESIPP partner Autism-Europe.

In early April the Centar za Autizam (CZA), one of the Croatian partners of the Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting project (ESIPP), organised numerous activities in several areas of Zagreb such as squares, schools, museums, libraries, etc. on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

CZA students, service-users and employees had the opportunity to show their knowledge and accomplishments in a friendly environment during the different activities carried out. These activities included the opening of the New Life Community for adults with autism, the opening of the exhibition “Student with autism in the CZA” (a display of artwork by children with autism), the forum “Art therapy as an opportunity for communicate with persons with autism” or the release of blue balloons on the Main square in Zagreb, organised by the CZA, which included the presentation of the CZA cooperative unit with numerous handicrafts created by CZA students.


From left to right: Students and children from special schools supporting the European campaign ‘Respect, Acceptance, Inclusion’. Meeting of special education teachers that work with children with autism in schools in Zagreb.

As part of these activities, on April 5 ESIPP partners Ana Ružić and Sanja Blažević presented the project during the conference “Supporting Together Children and pupils with autism” for teachers, educators and other professionals in Zagreb.

The CZA is a governmental organisation based in Zagreb which provides a range of educational, vocational and social services to individuals with autism, those with learning disabilities and their families across Croatia. It has bases in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Nova Gradiska. The CZA is committed to meeting the needs of these individuals and their families, addressing their education, emotional and spiritual welfare and wellbeing.


Participants of the Conference “Supporting Together Children and pupils with ASD” for teachers, educators and other professionals in Zagreb are passing the baton for respect, acceptance and inclusion of people with autism.

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