ESIPP partner Prof. Trajkovski spreads the word about the project in FYR of Macedonia


Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski during the interview of the Macedonian National Television

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski, president of the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism (MSSA) and lead partner of the ESIPP project, presented the aims, progress and achievements made by this European project in a series of interviews given to different Macedonian media outlets.

Among the press coverage, it is worth highlighting the interview by Macedonian National Television that features the first parent training sessions given by ESIPP partners Ron Fortuna and Angela Capper from Target Autism in Skopje with explanations from Jasmina Troshanska, Vice-President of the MSSA. In this interview, Prof. Trajkovski talks about daily care centres for children with autism in Macedonia and reports on the MSSA’s project activities in 2016. The interview concludes with a testimony given by the parent of child with autism who explains his day-to-day problems and challenges.

In his other appearances, Prof. Trajkovski talked about the need for a national register for autism spectrum disorders in Macedonia, and the inauguration of the National center for detection, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation for autism which is planned to be established by the Macedonian authorities in 2017, among other things.

The MSSA is an organisation that provides resources for helping people with autism and their families, institutions and NGOs that work in this area, provides scientific research, educational and professional support in the inclusive society in which persons with autism and their families have a life of quality. The MSSA, based in Skopje, was established to accomplish and coordinate the interests of its founders and to perform activities and actions aimed at improving investigation and treatment for those with autism in the FYR of Macedonia.

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