ESIPP project takes its first steps in Northampton


The University of Northampton hosted the first ESIPP transnational meeting.

The University of Northampton, coordinator of the ESIPP project, hosted the first Transnational Meeting on September 28 2015 in Northampton, UK. This kick-off meeting, attended by 16 people from five different countries, aimed to share understanding of the purpose of the project as well as to ensure the project’s viability and success.

Different organisational aspects such as the main objectives, programme development, dissemination or project timetable and finances were addressed during this two-day meeting. ESIPP partners pledged to work together on the logo competition, developing the outline parent education curriculum and outline training models for the first training events, the identification of appropriate quantitative tools to measure the quality of family life and social inclusion for parents undertaking training during the following months.

ESIPP partners will meet again on January 21, 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The project foresees nine transnational meetings over its three-years lifespan.

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