First journal article from ESIPP published in the European Journal of Special Needs Education

ejosneIn September 2016, the European Journal of Special Needs Education published the first research article regarding the ESIPP project. More significantly it has been published Open Access, free for everyone to view. The peer-reviewed article discusses the results of the initial parent survey and was published under the title: “Accessing parental perspectives to inform the development of parent training in autism in South-Eastern Europe”.

The article was drafted by ESIPP partners David Preece, Loizos Symeou, Jasmina Stošić, Jasmina Troshanska, Katerina Mavrou, Eleni Theodorou and Jasmina Frey Škrinjar.

The European Journal of Special Needs Education reflects the dynamic growth of the theory and practice of special needs education as it is emerging worldwide. Written for teachers and researchers, it provides a forum for reporting and reviewing scholarly research and significant developments in the field of special educational needs.

Each issue of this quarterly publication includes contributions from a variety of different countries dealing with special needs at all levels of education from primary to adult.

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