Media gives the floor to ESIPP partners to report on the project’s latest developments in Croatia

20160419_183440Centar za Autizam staff present the ESIPP project on th TV show “Mozaic” on the Croatian TV Jabuka

The Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting project (ESIPP), co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, has not gone unnoticed by the media in Croatia, which has brought to light the role of the Centar za Autizam and the University of Zagreb in the education of children with autism in the country.


Page of the “Glas Zagreba” newspaper including the article “Tu nestaju životni strahovi” (Place where life’s fears disappear).

Croatian National Radio (HR1) was the first media outlet to draw attention to the project in January 2016 with an interview on the radio programme “Umijeće odrastanja” (The art of growing up). ESIPP partners were interviewed in the Centar za Autizam’s school and explained their project, goals, progress and future plans, including the ESIPP project (from the minute 19:20).

The newspaper “Glas Zagreba” (The Voice of Zagreb), which produces more than 50,000 printed copies per issue, ran a story in March 2016 entitled “Tu nestaju životni strahovi” (Place where life’s fears disappear). It explains about autism, the ESIPP project, the different individual programmes and methods used in the Centar za Autizam (CZA) and some of their concerns such us the lack of space in their centre.

Furthermore, in April 2016, the director of CZA Žarka Klopotan, Lidija Duilo, the mother of a child with autism, and ESIPP partner Sanja Blažević were guests on the TV show “Mozaic” on TV Jabuka (a Croatian commercial TV channel). They had the opportunity to talk about the CZA, the situation of children with autism in Croatia’s education system as well as issues related to diagnosis. At the end of the interview, Blažević presented the ESIPP project and its goals and Duilo, who took part in the project’s first parent training sessions in Zagreb, explained how useful these training sessions were and encouraged other parents to join them in November 2016.

  • Click here to listen to the interview of Centar za Autizam on Croatian National Radio
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